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Customer Testimonials

2011 Testimonials
Jan 2011 Elaine, I wanted to get this posted before Christmas but I wanted to get some of the items you sent to a couple of foster moms, so we could get photos of them actually being used by our puppy mill dogs who are waiting for homes.  I think, I hope, you will be very pleased with my writeup on The Puppy Hugger. Thank you again, Elaine!Doreen, Kiko, Millie & Riley
Jan 2011 Hi Elaine, Wanted to let you know the customer received the bed & both she & her doggie LOVE it!!   Thanks,   Lisa FOREVER DOGZ
May 2011 attached are some pics of our Lena loving her hugger. its beautiful & suits her wonderfully. i dont think I've ever seen her take to a new thing like this so well. as you can see, she is loving it, & is sorting out many different ways to enjoy it. thank you so much! BRANDON
May 2011 Elaine,  McGee loves his bone pillow !Thanks, GAIL
May 2011 Hi Elaine, told you I'd send a picture of my boy, Finn, in his puppyhugger. Here it is. Plus, the whole room was redecorated just to accomodate the puppyhugger bed (lol). My husband thought i was nuts until he saw the room & he likes it! Thanks, SHARON Onorato Utych
May 2011

Hi Elaine, I did receive the dog beds and they are beautiful. Kind regards, RANDI Weiss

May 2011

Elaine,Thank you so much for the beautiful crate cover... we love it!  I attached a photo so you can see how nice it is in my daughter's room. Also, I would like to order another two-sided, custom-made crate pad to match the 2 colors of the crate cover. one side baby pink and the other sage... that way when we flip the cover over we can also flip the pad so that it matches the inside of the crate cover. I personally think it looks better when the pad matches the inside. Thank you again, PATSY

June 2011

Hi Elaine, I just wanted to thank you for your generous donations to our live auction. Both items were very well participated on, and the puppy hugger bed even got more than the wally bed! our auctioneer even said it is like a tempurpedic bed for dogs! Thanks, Sharon

June 2011 Hi Elaine, I received the bed - thank you so much.  It's perfect.  Susan
June 2011 Elaine, I received the new crate pad on Wednesday... love it!  If you would like to send me some brochures, I have a vet's office and a couple of pet boutiques who would be happy to put them out for future customers. Many thanks, Patsy
June 2011 The most gorgeous bed ever.  The girls love it.   I will send you pictures this weekend. Thanks so much! Helene Green
July 2011 Wisley loves her bed!  The color is gorgeous. Lynn
Aug 2011

The crate pads came today and they look great.  It works perfectly with her bed. Lynn & Gemma

Aug 2011 We love the beds! Thank you. Sandra
Sept 2011 Hi Elaine, I wanted to thank you for making such a beautiful dog bed. Daisy adores it. I attached a photo of her as a puppy sleeping. Thank you ANTHONY Dexler
Sept 2011 Hi Elaine, Just want you to know the bed and crate cover turned out awesome!! Love it! Thanks, ELPIDA
2010 Testimonials
Feb 2010 Hi Elaine, Oh you can absolutely use the pics! I'm glad you liked them I always tell my friends about your site because my dogs are really in love with your products, they are the only beds I have now. They used to eat all of the others I tried because they had tags & my dogs didn't seem to like them - they preferred to lie on the carpet, now they can always be found in your beds! Best, Nicole 
Feb 2010 Thanks so much Elaine! I know Lola will love it as she loves her original one we've had for a year now...I rave about your beds to everyone partially because they wash so fantastic! They come out looking brand new! Thanks & look fwd to receiving! CARLA
Feb 2010 THANK YOU! I gave the green leopard throw to two Chihuahuas today & their human tells me that the normally fussy little tacos are in love, so thank you for yet more happy little furry ones! Best LIZ
Feb 2010 Dear Elaine, I love the bed it’s perfect & Chase loves it too. he sleeps on it every night! thank you so much. I’ll be in contact with u soon! thanks & have a great day! BRINLEY
Feb 2010

Hi Elaine, I just wanted to say thank you so much for Lolas new bed & blanket. It is beautiful! So soft, I can't say enough about it. Lola fits perfect in the middle with room to spare. As you can see from the pic she is enjoying her blanket & is now all cuddled in for the night. I gave one of your beds to my friend & she couldn't wait to get it home to see how Maggie likes it. She was very impressed with the material & color choice. Thanks again for everything! Here's till the next project!!! Your beds definitely are top notch in my books.  CARLA

March 2010 Hi Elaine Thank you so much for sending my order…..  I LOVE the bobcat print bed & the blanket is amazing. A customer bought the blanket within 3 hrs of it’s arrival!!!  The other blankets also went this morning. Busy day! …. if I had known how lovely they’d look, I’d have ordered more to start with. Anyway, thank you again for my gorgeous order & look forward to receiving more blankets soon. Best wishes DEBBIE
March 2010 Hi Elaine, I have been out of the store & just saw the Cloud9 beds! Love them! Thank you JACKIE, Sugarbears Pampered pets
March 2010 Hi Elaine, Got the shipment today,  Thank you so much.  Everything looks (& feels) great. Poor Ratso is a bit miffed at my replacing his old Puppy Hugger with the new plush red cloud nine.  I know he'll be in it by morning as he is a comfort lover. Ratso, Oscar, Stuff, Chachke, Ouie, Bumble, Eek & Woof (& I) thank you very much. All the best, Liz
April 2010 Hi Elaine, I just wanted to tell you how much I like my new den. When mommy goes to bed at night I run up my stairs & right into my kennel to snuggle beneath my very soft bobcat blanket on my custom square bed you made for me. I have sweet dreams every night & don't think any of my friends have a night time bed quite this nice. ….. When I do awake I run downstairs to eat & then right back up to my original Puppy Hugger bed that is at the end of my mommy's bed until she is finished getting ready. Thank you for making such nice things & know my mommy will come up with another "custom" idea soon...Love Lola
May 2010 Hello Elaine, I got the beds yesterday & as usual they are beautiful…. Thanks, Elli.
May 2010 Thank you very much, loved my puppy crate beds. adorable & soft! Celeste
June 2010 After a minute of trying to chew the new bed, he fell sound asleep in it!  Literally within 5 minutes of me putting it on the ground!  Thanks so much Elaine. Best Mike
June 2010 Hi Elaine,  Just received the white fur pad last night & it fits on the top of the steps perfect - plus Lola loves the furry side. The other side is perfect too as against the ultrasuede steps it doesn't slide...all in all perfect! Thanks C
August 2010 Hi, Elaine: I received the first (standard size) puppy hugger - it is beautiful & my dog loves it! CYNTHIA
Nov 2010 I love your beds!  I have a couple that I bought on-line from a retailer, but am glad I found you so I can get the direct. I'm sure I'll be ordering again! TRACI
Nov 2010 Hi Elaine, The beds are glorious....what can I say.....the best....ELLI
Dec 2010 Elaine! We have a puppy hugger from you that we got a couple years ago. It is a favorite for the cats & the pup! All fans but sick of sharing!!! Thanks so much! Amy Colby
2009 Testimonials
Jan 7 2009 Hi Elaine, So there was a huge box waiting for me when I got home...and after cutting through the layers of tape : ) I got into the box...I  LOVE THEM. The blanket is soooo soft and the bed is just adorable. The pink polkadots are so cute. Thank you so much. I am thrilled that I ran across your site. You are permanently in my "favorites" and I'll be sure to pass on your name to others.
Thanks again Elaine. Love it!  Debbie
Jan 30 2009

Hi Elaine-I am sorry I didn't tell you sooner, Michele absolutely LOVES the bed!. And so do we!  It is beautiful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You do amazing work!

Feb 13 2009 We LOVE the bed.  It looks fantastic.  And the dogs love it.  My Dad's shitzu thinks it was made for him - he and Oliver try to claim it. A huge thanks. We will order more when we move.  Thanks,  Amy Barry
Feb 20 2009 Roy's dog barrel bed finally came in!!  Once I saw it, I can say that it was definitely worth the wait! Elaine's cushion fits perfectly and it looks so beautiful!  Roy just LOVES his new cozy bed.  Please forward these pics to Elaine and please thank her for a job Well Done!! Thank s for being so great to work with!!!   Michele :)
March 13 2009 I received it yesterday and I loved it! Alexandra
March 28 2009 Dear Elaine,   I love the new bed. Ditto loved it too.  Lisa
April 30 2009  Lola absolutely loves her puppy hugger bed and when my family brings their dogs over there is a fight over it (haha).  Thanks again!  C. Jones
May 15 2009 Hi Elaine, I did not know you were here in Greenwich. We love the bed we bought at the Greenwich High School fundraiser.  Karen
May 15 2009 Hi Elaine:  I just received the carrier blanket.  It is beautiful!  I love it.  I will definitely be showing it off to my friends.  Thanks again! Bonnie
June 10 2009 I received the new blankets last night and they are perfect! Lola crawled right in both of them! Thank you so much. C. Jones
June 17 2009 Elaine, Your beds arrived today. They are very luxurious and beautiful.  Miriam Fields-Babineau    Training Unlimited Training Animal and Amimal Actors, Inc. VA.
June 21 2009 Elaine,
I was so excited by your pet beds that I HAD to write the product review right away. I LOVE your pet beds!!
July 9 2009

Elaine,  I have received the beds.  They are gorgeous and a perfect fit.  Thanks so much to you. I will make sure to pass on your information to my pet loving friends.  take care,  Sarah

July 17 2009 Rosy loves the crate pads snuggled straight down last night! SHOSHANNA
Aug 13 2009 Elaine, just wanted to confirm with you that the beds arrived.  Are you aware of the affects they have on children?  My cats stare loningly at it but are unable to pry it away from my kids, especially my 3 1/2 year old daughter who nestles perfectly in it!  Dan Roth (Luxist)
Aug 20 2009 Dear Elaine: When I showed Bijou her new bed, she wagged her tail with some delight. She sleeps in it curled up mostly and sometimes with head on the bolster part and legs stretched. It matches her coat color! I think it is wonderful. She is naturally thin so it provides her with needed comfort on wood floors.  Yours, Aimee
Sept 13 2009

Hello Elaine,  I received the most beautiful Puppy Huggers and will be busy writing a review in the next couple of days. I have no doubt all dogs and cats will love them. Thank you so much, they are indeed beautiful and the craftsmanship amazing!   Claudia

Sept 22 2009

Dear Elaine,  The Lynx blankets are gorgeous! I love your product.  Sandra Fairman

2008 Testimonials
Jan 2008 Elaine, received the bed today. It’s lovely & fits in the crate perfectly!!!! am so happy with it. It’s beautiful. thank you so much. our "girls" absolutely love sleeping on it. I now know where to go when I need something of great quality again like this, LINDA
Jan 2008 Hi Elaine,….I must commend you on your customer service. It is a pleasure to deal with people that care about their company & product like you do……Danielle Gaudreau
Jan 2008 Hi Elaine, I just wanted to let you know that we received the bed & blanket & we absolutely love it. It is so luxurious & well-made & I am looking forward to tell our readers about it.  have attached a picture of my puppy testing out the bed. When I put it down on the floor for him to try, he grabbed a toy & jumped right in! Thank you again for sharing this excellent product with us! Allie Co-founder
Jan 2008 I already have the brown/blue polkadot square bed for my precious little rescue cat, Jackson, & he LOVES it! I can hardly get him out of it. I can't wait to get another one! Your products are wonderful! I'm just addicted to your products! They are the best! Thanks so much for all you do! Debbie :)
Feb 2008

Hi Elaine, Today I received the second bed I've ordered from you. Thank you so much! The first one I bought was the square brown bed with baby blue polkadots on it. This second one was the oval-shaped lynx bed. They were both for my precious little rescue cat, Jackson.:) He loves them so much I can hardly get him out of them!! I get so much pleasure out of spoiling him... thanks to your products. :) Thank you You all are the best! :) DEBBIE

March 2008

Dear Elaine, Chico got his bed on the weekend & ABSOLUTLEY loves it. He knew it was for him the minute I pulled it out of the box (I thought you’d sprayed it with something delicious because of the way he acted) He was growling wagging his tail & biting the bed then flopped down & slept away the afternoon. Chico thanks you very much. Woof!  Kate Morris

March 2008

Hi,I keep meaning to let you know that we did receive the order a few weeks ago & everything was just sooo nice. Your products are definitely of exceptional quality - the best we've seen around! Take care, CYNDI

April 2008 We got it-it's BEAUTIFUL-thanks!!! LISA :)
April 2008

Hi Elaine, I received my crate cover & crate pad....They are absolutely gorgeous! Pastina  loooves it! Thankyou, Love, Pastina & Debbie Pastina’s Pet Boutique

April 2008 Dear Elaine, That's the cutest dog bed ever! Thank you, Christi
April 2008 Dear Elaine, I absolutely love the beds & so do Kobe & Kahlua!! Kobe wouldn’t get out of the bed, so I had to pull the bed with him on it to the bedroom. He won’t sleep on our bed anymore because he loves his new bed so much! Kahlua snuggled right inside the puppy well & brought his bone with him before he got in. thank you so much, I truly appreciate you & your business. my very very best to you. CHRIS
April 2008 UNREAL. U genius. Love them soooo much!!! They are awesome!!!
April 2008 Elaine:…Scout LOVES LOVES LOVES the bed. He spent a lot of time inspecting (sniffing) it & then just jumped right in & has not left! Stacey
May 2008 Elaine, I got the bed & it's perfect. Ruby loves it. Thanks, Carla
May 2008 Elaine-what a wonderful yummy bed! Thank you so much- gave your brochure to a friend-she wants one for the cat! I said it could suffice for both...fabulous-thanks- MEGAN
May 2008 Elaine, it came & it is PERFECT! Thanks so much, Peggy
June 2008 hi elaine, the merchandise arrived today. it is all beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect timing as a magazine from the north shore was doing a shoot in our shop & took some photos with the new things from you. MYRNA
June 2008 I just received the bed which is just beautiful, I KNOW my daughter will love it for her Cavalier. LINDA
June 2008 Elaine, I love the beds. I will be ordering on a regular basis.. Nice job! Regards, Leah, Troy & Diesel
July 2008 Hi Elaine The bed is stunning - thank you so much for sending it. I get to see a lot of stuff & this really stands out in the crowd. Fudge jumped right in - unusual for a cat- especially in Summer!! …….I will send photographs in due course...In the meantime on behalf on my furballs -- a big thank you....Sandy
July 2008 Dear Elaine In April you made me 2 crate pads - rose cuddle on one side & dimple on the other. Whatever they were, they were machine washable & dryable (beautifully I must add)….I hope you have a record of my order because I'd like to order like the 2 you made before. Many thanks I LOVE the things you made for me & so do the dogs. Julie
July 2008 Hi Elaine, We received our order & the pink fluffy bed is just precious! Your work is absolutely beautiful! I will send a photo of our puppy in it next week so you can post it online if you like. Thanks again! :) Best regards,  jeanene & Doug
Sept 2008 Just wanted to thank you again for the insert. I’ve now washed it multiple times & it comes out great in the washer. The dogs love it - what more can I ask? JOAN
Oct 2008 Hi Elaine ..our Frenchie girl really LOVES her Hugger. It's so funny because our girl was pacing tonight in our bedroom waiting for her Hugger from the laundry room. When my husband saw me coming with it he said "That's why she's been circling the room & looking in all the corners".  Thanks so much DAWN
Nov 2008 Hi Elaine, I just wanted you to know that I won the 2 puppy huggers that you donated to the Westchester SPCA benefit on October 25, 2008. My kitties absolutely adore them & thought you would enjoy these photos (mother & son)! Best regards, KAREN
Nov 2008 Dear Elaine Just a note to let you Know: I purchased two xl crate pads for my chewing Rhodesian Ridebacks & so far so good. Maybe they love them so much they don't want to destroy them! They are made well. We did have one accident, but I put it in the washing machine & it came out just like new. Thanks for a good product. I have bookmarked your site & when these get old I think I might try some animal print ones. Regards, Andrea
Dec 2008 If I haven’t told you before this, my cats LOVE these beds.  I’ve already ordered two because they were fighting over one bed. Plus, it’s a breeze to wash.  I even put mine in the dryer on delicate.  It still looks like new. I have purchased many, many cat beds, most with zipper covers.  Once the cover is washed, the bed never looks or feels the same, & I was always disappointed. You have spoiled me for any other pet bed. Thank you for making such a quality, comfortable bed for my beloved pets. Dana
Dec 2008 they are very comfortable & my dog LOVES them!  She has already curled up in them several times.  & they are very comfortable as pillows, too! -Bev
Dec 2008 Hi Elaine , Just a quick note .... I LOVE the new bed !!! Its AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE ORDERING MORE SOON !! Thanks so much !! Roxanne
Dec 2008 Just wanted to let you know that the bed is a HUGE hit with my cats too !! In fact .........they won’t get out of it to let the dogs in it !!! LOL    Roxanne 
Dec 2008 Elaine, I received the package & they are beautiful. I am so happy.  Elli.
2007 Testimonials
Jan 05 2007 The dog beds arrived - GORGEOUS!! I know she will flip over them. Will give you all the details after the show. Looking forward to getting a sample of the 2-dog bed. Lots of my clients have 2 dogs and complain that one hogs the bed - this is a great idea.
Was at a holiday party raving about your luxury beds and met a woman who lives in Greenwich and saw them at a store and is going to rush out and buy one now :-) Kathy santo Dog Behaviorist / Trainer
Jan 20 2007 Hi there, The "puppy hugger" beds look and feel very nice !!! Hope will do business together in the future. Warm regards, Maria, Canada
March 2 2007 We had ordered one of your luxury dog beds and blankets and they have made a happy pet and your products have washed and worn well. We like your new products and the Martha show was great! Lauren Henkhaus
March 2 2007 Elaine & Judy, The Two’s Company dog bed arrived yesterday. I took it out of the box, set it on the floor, and my two Miniature Schnauzers (Bogey and Birdie) jumped down from my chair and plopped down as you see them here. They were very unhappy with me that I did not leave it with them. I thought you would get a kick out of this!
The brown/pink polka dot fabric is darling! I will be taking the bed to City Pet Life today and will let you know how it goes. Thanks! Kathy Fortenbury KFB Associates
April 4 2007

Hello Ladies! Well, the bed is a big hit! Here are a couple of photos of "Moo", my daughter Taylor's 13 week old Yorkshire terrier. These two photos were taken right after we unpacked the bed and placed it in his play yard.....he loves it! I will take more in the next day or so. I just wanted you to have these asap. Thank you so much. I will tell all my friends about the puppy hugger beds. LISA & TAYLOR

May 4 2007 Hi Elaine & Judy,  The new double beds are adorable! We've been really impressed with the beds you sent, particularly in terms of long-term use. Merry literally chooses your beds over any other bed on a regular basis. ANGIE MCKAIG Pampered Puppy
May 4 2007

The bed arrived yesterday and my puppies went RIGHT TO IT and jumped in! They LOVE their puppyhugger! I took photos for you to see  you are welcome to use them for Testimonials if you like!). I am showing all my friends and passing out your cards! Thank you Elaine! ANN

May 25 2007 Hi Elaine and Judy! I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and everything looks fantastic! Stella and Homer (my two french bulldogs) both gave enthusiastic snorts of approval as well. Thanks again!  HEATHER
June 4 2007 Howdy Elaine & Judy, Thank you for contacting us! Your line is both fun and luxurious in appearance. And we love your innovation of the separate cuddle spots for multiple dogs in a single bed! We are definitely interested in hearing more.Samples and information may be mailed to our New Jersey warehouse: LENNY THE PUG
July 18 2007 Hello - Yes, the red sculpted blanket was absolutely GORGEOUS!! and the toys as well. Your quality is superb. thank you! AMY, Top Cat
Aug 2 2007 We are extremely happy with the crate pad and the bed is out of this world cozy. It arrived in time. Thank you so much and I will pass the word. TERI
Aug 7 2007 Hello Ladies. The beds arrived today and they’re beautiful! I attached pictures of the crate pad and my dogs Dante and Dylan. I’m extremely pleased with everything. I have many play dates at my house and I’ll be sure to recommend you to everyone. I’m looking forward to ordering another crate pad in the “polar bear” fabric when the weather gets cooler. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. Sincerely, TRACIA
Aug 22 2007

Thank you for responding and giving me a choice. I love your beds...................they look perfect for my Italian Greyhound. Thank you very very much…..Your beds are sooooooooooooo beautiful, CONNIE

Aug 23 2007 I just want to thank you again for calling me today to help me complete my order. What amazing customer service! So personal... I don't have to mess with an automated system or anything. What a dream! I'm so excited to receive my bed (the small square chocolate with blue polka dots... just in case there's any confusion). My Jackson is going to be so excited! My sister and I love your precious things and we will be bragging about them to my friends! Thanks again! Sincerely, DEBBIE
Sept 4 2007 Great ! I am thrilled.i just got the large round puppy hugger i ordered.i love it. Thank you so much, SHANNON
Sept 4 2007

Hi Elaine and Judy! The bed is a hit - I've had two student's dogs get into a tiff about who was going to on the bed (the gold standard of whether it's good or not). KATHY dog behaviorist

Sept 9 2007 Good morning ladies, I absolutely love your stuff! My boys are enjoying all their hugger beds around the house. TRACIA
Sept 13 2007

Hello Elaine and Judy: We purchased the 36" square bed in the pink with black paw print bed for our 2 dachshunds and they absolutely love it!!! They get very nervous when we pick it up to wash it, fearful that we are taking it away. Everyone comments on how lucky our girls are to have such a lavish bed………..Anyway, we would like to buy another bed for the girls …What would the price be for another 36" square bed? Love the chocolate polka dot bed!!! Congratulations on your many awards, you have a wonderful product line and it is truly the best bed we have every purchased for our dogs!!!! ….Thanks BOB & ANNETTE

Sept 17 2007 Hello,i received my new puppy hugger and i just wanted to say that it is perfect and thank you for shipping it so fast. Thanks again for everything, SHANNON
Sept 24 2007 Hi Elaine, I am now proud to say that Swinburne has joined the prestigious club of being the owner of a Puppy Hugger bed. Superbly packed, and after a bit of banging around it fell into shape. The fabric is so touchy-feely, I wouldn't mind a similar fabric blanket for my bed! What has also been a immediate hit is the blue polka bone. His favourite soft toy, Mr. Octopus has been cast aside. I have to say thank you as it has kept him occupied, throwing and chasing it around the apartment. Now I have taken a picture of him, which I attach, & I’ll send more soon.Thank you once again for everything and take care, RICHARD Paris, France.
Sept 24 2007 Elaine & Judy, The beds did arrive and they are gorgeous! Thank you, TRICIA
Sept 28 2007

Dear Elaine, just want to let you know that the goods arrived yesterday.  Anyway I would like to thank you for the beautiful cushions and blankets you send me they are really gorgeous, have the feeling my clients love it because of the softness. thanks again MYRIAM Belgium

Sept 28 2007

Dear Ladies, Everything arrived Thursday as promised, great service!!! The girls absolutely love everything!!!!!! The blanket was a wonderful addition to their puppy hugger bed, now we have two princesses! We love the fabric and the chocolate brown with the pink polka dot is definitely the "in" fabric for all those fashion forward dogs!!! Thanks again for such wonderful service. ANNETTE & BOB.

Oct 4 2007 Elaine and Judy, Love your beds! Thanks, CAROL
Oct 17 2007

BLESS YOU! Those photos are wonderful!.....Oliver and I love your products!

Enjoy the day! DEBRA
Oct 20 2007 Elaine & Judy, Thank you for the email with the invoice. We really love your products. Have a terrific day! Regards, ADRIANNE Miss Kitty's Bed & Bath
Dec 3 2007 HI Elaine, ..we have received the bed and will be posting the review no later thAn wednesday! Let me tell you that you have a great product here.....dusty is in love with his bed....its unbelievable! hehe! It fits him perfect! Thank you, Daisy, Dusty, & Darla
Dec 19 2007 Hi Elaine, Just wanted to let you know that our 9 yr old Westie "Kiwi" has fallen madly in love with her new plush puppy hugger bed. She snuggles in and that's it for her! We are very happy with our choice. Thanks very much, Happy Holidays, Carly
Dec 30 2007 Hi Elaine,…. these are the best beds ever!!! My dogs and I absolutely love them. Monica & the Girls
2006 Testimonials
Jan 10 2006 The dog bed product line is fantastic. Congratulations. Ann 
Feb 15 2006 The beauty and quality of the material is topped only by the craftsmanship of our luxury faux fur throw. Only problem is not enough. Everyone wants to cuddle up in their own.
When we added the throw to our family-room, it gave the room a rich, warm feeling...almost like adding a beautiful piece of furniture. Everyone who walks into the room comments on the throw, then they snuggle in it and they immediately ask where they can get one. 
The durability, beauty and luster of the faux fur fabric are unbelievable. I have never seen anything close to it in any home accessory store anywhere. 
We received our faux fur throw as a gift and we can't think of anything that combines warmth, beauty, and comfort in such a luxurious way. What a fantastic and unique present for a special occasion.
You can use the names of everyone in our family, because they all feel the same way.. Ginger & family
March 10 2006 My mother loved the blanket set. Thank you so much for getting it to her so quickly. She thought the quality was excellent! I am going back to N.Y in about 10 days so I will bring the fabric samples, she definitely wants to order more. I am trying to decide on another set for myself.
March 10 2006 Hi Elaine & Judy! I just got my order and wanted you to know they are beautiful! Thanks so much for the prompt delivery! Rhonda
Apr 1 2006

After a long stressful day, I look forward to snuggling up in my faux fur throw made especially for me by Puppy Huggers. It looks exactly like high quality mink and has a soft, warm lining. No one can tell that it’s not real mink.. I’ve had throws and pillows made for both of my children and they love them. Elaine and Judy are true professionals and are a pleasure to work with. Allison

Apr 04 2006 I purchased three of the throws for my children for Christmas. The two for my daughters were made of colorful fabrics and the third for my son was made of faux wolf fur. My kids LOVE them! My son sleeps with his under his sheets! My daughters wrap themselves in them while doing homework, watching TV or just hanging around. They are made exceptionally well-made and are incredibly soft. Truly, these throws are the best I have seen and I will not hesitate to purchase additional products from this company! LAURA
May 15 2006

Dear Elaine & Judy, just wanted to thank you once again for the fabulous puppy hugger pet beds you donated for the SOS auction.….the event was a success and your doggy beds looked wonderful on the table and in the petit parisien bed! many thanks again. NANCY

May 23 2006 Hi Elaine & Judy,
That was fast work!!!!! The dog beds are even better than I remembered them. Thank you for the beautiful work.. I look forward to doing more business with you.
Have a great weekend! Nancy (Tails of the City)
May 23 2006 Hello Elaine & Judy,
Just to let you know my customer is extremely happy with her order. She thinks you are wonderful!
Thank You! Rhonda Cornelison Heart of my Heart Pet Boutique
Aug 14 2006

Dear Elaine & Judy, Hollie presented me and Bosco with the most magnificent dog bed that I have seen. I had to send you an e-mail to tell you how great it is!!!! I would love to send a photo of Bosco in it but since he is still 7 months old and still being trained - I am not taking any chances with this bed. Promise to send one in the near future when I allow him to use it. Giving your info to my favorite local pet store next time I go….Steve at Puppy Park has great stuff and I want him to see the site. By the way he used to breed the King Charles and has several of his own. Thanks again. Ali

Oct 3 2006

Hi Elaine & Judy, I am remiss for not telling you how much we love the faux fur throw. Leigh and I curl up together and are very happy watching a show. We love it. Thank you so very much. What a great product!!! Sherri

Nov 3 2006 I really think your luxury dog beds are fabulous and I am extremely impressed with the design and originality of The Puppy Hugger products. I found out about you through my favorite resource, the Pampered Puppy's Merryvaluations! HEATHER
Nov 29 2006 Dear Elaine & Judy, the doggy beds are great! Thank You very much for the lovely work. Maybe I like to sell the beds in Germany for you. Are You interested? I like to sell them "exclusive" for Berlin and Germany. Greetings, Dagmar Liepe, Ally & Dotty, Germany
Nov.30 2006

Dear Elaine & Judy
All of your products are simply gorgeous & constructed with the utmost in quality! I feel so honored to have met you 2 ladies in Chicago. Our 3 girls – Phoebe, Arielle & Mia prefer the square-shaped cat beds – feline “purrogative” I guess. Jayne de Basio

Dec 2 2006 We received the mink dog blankets today, and I must say they are really beautiful. My eight year old Manchester Lola loves it! Thank you again for getting these items here in a timely manner. Good to do business with you. Have a wonderful holiday and a healthy New Year! Regards, Renee & Suzette Guercia (Lola, Sasha and Natasha too)
2005 Testimonials
March 30 2005 I got the dog beds today... the office went wild over them.. Sara
Apr 15 2005 Dear Elaine & Judy, What can we say?!! Our new Hugger cat bed is fantastic! You’ve made our naptimes even better. Thank you so much for making us one of your creations – we really love it. Very truly yours, Atticus & Yoshi, feline owners of Phillip & Allison
May 23 2005 Well done on your dog & cat beds. They make us want to curl up and crawl in right beside those adorable dogs we think it's great to have a dream and admire your entrepreneurial spirit. Your friends, The Good Stuff Girls
May 30 2005 Murphy, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, just loves her deer print faux fur Puppy Hugger dog bed (it matches her perfectly)! From the moment she got it she has been snuggling up, snoozing in her Puppy Hugger. She looks so cute all curled up! Sometimes she does stretch out and drape herself over the cushion which is quite funny! She has never liked doggie beds until she got the Puppy Hugger! Thank you Elaine and Judy! Pam
June 30 2005 Elaine & Judy- Thank you very much for the TWO dog beds. As you can see, Mia (Mi-Ki) and Madison (Toy Manchester Terrier) are thoroughly enjoying them! I really appreciate having both beds. That was so sweet of you! I have already given your brochure to 2 friends. Could you send me a few more? Thanks! Your products are great! DEBRA
July 1 2005 Our Maine coon cat, Abby, has always loved to burrow into a nice pillow or blanket. When presented with her very own puppy hugger cat bed, she immediately jumped into it without any coaxing and has been napping there ever since. No one can ever tell a cat what to do, and when a cat chooses something, that is the highest praise for a product ever. The puppy (kitty?) hugger is now a fixture in our family room - and the fabric also happens to match the cat! Janice
Aug 15 2005

Elaine & Judy, I’m sold! I love the blurb and I adore the look of all the pet beds. Aside from the article let me know if you'd like me to promote them to my clients It would be my pleasure Good luck Elaine the Bark stops here best! xo Jody

Sept 13 2005 The landing of our staircase has become the perfect vantage point for our two dogs to see the world. They do so from the comfort of their doggy beds and to the delight of anyone arriving at our door. It is a sight to behold and they love it. Cynthia
Sept 16 2005 Many thanks for the lovely pillow. It allowed Colleen to get a good night sleep. She loves it and said it feels soooooo-ooooo good. Greg
Sept 27 2005 My three dogs fight over who gets to sleep on the bed. It is the most comfortable dog bed around! Sarah
Oct.12 2005 I own one of your gorgeous dog beds for my pet Chihuahua (owl feather). I wish I could see more of your beds. Would like to buy more pet beds from you, since I have many cats (rescue)!!! Thanks! Nancy, New Jersey
Oct.19 2005 Elaine & Judy- My girls love the dog bed. So do I. See pics of my Puppy Hugger lovers!.Donna
Oct 25 2006 Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see the puppy hugger dog bed in person. If it's as terrific and the quality is as fabulous as I think, it'll be posted on my site right away! Monica
Dec 8 2005 Hello gals, they all looked great :-) We have started selling them and we’re already sold out on the "Bone-pillows"! Everyone went crazy about them :-) Thank you very much for your excellent service and assistance. Best regards Henriette, Oslo, Norway.